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Personal injury litigation involves legal disputes where one person claims an injury to his or her person and/or property that was caused by another person’s actions or failure to act. Sometimes the actions causing an injury are intentional and sometimes the actions are only negligent or unreasonable under the circumstances. Claims based on negligence arise in many circumstances, including automobile accidents, accidents occurring on another’s property when the owner of the property fails to make the property safe, when a product malfunctions and causes injury, and even medical and other professional malpractice. In all personal injury cases, a defendant’s actions or inaction must have caused an injury or damages to a person or property. Depending on the injury and the type of case, personal injury cases can often be handled on a contingent fee basis, where the client only pays attorney’s fees if his or her case is won.

Most personal injury cases involve insurance but insurance litigation also involves a wide variety of claims made to an insurance company that are either denied or underpaid. When an insurance company denies or underpays a claim, the insurance company can be sued to determine whether the claim was handled appropriately and if additional money is due. Often, this can be accomplished without any expense to the client since Florida requires an insurance company to pay its insured’s fees if the judge or jury determines the claim was improperly denied or underpaid.


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